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Our orthodontists provides orthodontic services in a warm, upscale facility which is well-equipped with the latest dental tools and equipment required to carry out even the most complex of orthodontic procedures.

The staff is personally trained by our orthodontists, and they provide patients with the highest quality of care. Our orthodontists believe in customized and compassionate care. This is why they develop deep connections with their patients, and construct individualized treatment plans to cater to their unique needs.

We don’t want beautiful smiles to be limited to the elite. Hence, we offer all kinds of braces and retainer application procedures at highly affordable rates!

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The three major services offered by our orthodontists include orthodontics for adults, orthodontics for children, and TMJ treatment.

Orthodontics For Adults

The orthodontic procedures for adults involve application of braces, which are fixed dental devices, and retainers, which are removable dental devices, for preventing and treating irregularities and misalignment of the teeth and jaw. Perfectly aligned teeth can save a person from a number of oral diseases because misaligned teeth are the best hideout for oral bacteria and other microbes.

We help you in showing your best smile to the world with the application of customized, high-quality braces in Indianapolis!

The different types of braces used by our orthodontists include traditional braces, damon braces, and lingual braces. The last of these are barely noticeable; you can easily wear them and look your best!

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Orthodontics For Children

Our orthodontists employ soft and gentle dental procedures to prevent and treat numerous orthodontic problems in children, such as improper size of teeth and jaw, overbites, under bites, misaligned front teeth, extra or missing teeth, and more.

A child’s teeth and overall oral cavity are more delicate and sensitive as compared to an adult’s. Thus, Our orthodontists has developed specialized procedures and dental equipment to suit the sensitive needs of a child’s developing teeth and jaw.

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Treatment Of Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

TMJ is a disorder of the joints of the jaw, which results in malfunctioning of the jaw and bite alignment. TMJ restricts the range of motion of the lower jaw, causing pain and restricted lower jaw movement when the patient tries to chew, speak, or laugh.

TMJ can lead to a number of dental complications like weakened teeth, acute jaw pain and discomfort, clicking of jaw at the joints, and more.

Our orthodontists provide effective treatment for TMJ with the application of splints, mouthguards, and other dental appliances.

Our orthodontists are among the most highly trusted dentists in Indianapolis and have successfully performed thousands of orthodontic procedures with the application of retainers and braces in Indianapolis, IN.

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